Episode 15: Hokie Dokie; Not To Be Confused With Perky Derky

Television is a big part of Kyle’s life. in this episode, Kyle chats with Ethan about the pop culture phenomenons Saved By the Bell, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Later, they switch gears and they open up the conversation, for the first time, to the voting rights of convicted felons. Should they be able to vote after they get out of prison? Should they be able to vote in prison?

Episode 14B: Kyle's 32nd Birthday and Kyle's Friends Are Funny with Mom & Dad

In this bonus episode, Kyle celebrates his 32nd birthday by bringing you a bonus episode of the show. In this Kyle’s Friends Are Funny episode, Kyle sits down with the people who gave him life. Wanda and Larry Henderson discuss the town in which Kyle grew up in, the people that made up this sleepy little hamlet, and what life in the country is really like.

Episode 14: When She Speaks, You Listen

Kyle sits down with the most important woman in his life, his mother, Wanda Davis Henderson, to discuss the most important woman Kyle never knew, his grandmother, Othell Whitlock Davis. Knowing where you come from can give you insight as to where you are going. And today, Kyle wants to know his Mawmaw on a deeper level. There is no better way to do that than to talk to the woman who knew her best.

Episode 12: My Church Husband

Today, Kyle has a kiki with his Church Husband, singer/musician, Anthony Ray. Like any true besties relationship, they start off talking about Anthony’s career in music in the most artistic city in the world, and wind up gossiping about common friends in code. Anthony shows off his knowledge of classical music, and Kyle shows off his ability to make inappropriate comments about members of the staff at church.

Episode 11: Remembering Luke Perry and Beverly Hills, 90210, honoring television vanguard Katherine Helmond, Jussie Smollett, and Tweens

For the first time, Kyle’s partner, Ethan, comes to have a conversation! In this episode, Kyle and Ethan talk about the deaths of two television legends, Luke Perry and Katherine Helmond. They also discuss the social conundrum that is Jussie Smollett. Kyle also finds out he doesn’t like the word “tweens".

Episode 9: Kendelle Chaimungkla, Celebrating Black History Month, UN-Happiness Project, and Polyamory

In this episode Kyle sits down with his friend Kendelle to discuss Black History Month, what has been going on in their lives, and polyamory. Kyle is trying to explore what it means to be polyamorous, how it works, and what non-polyamorous people should know about it. And what better way to do it than by sitting down with one of his closest friends, who happens to be polyamorous?

Episode 7: 2019 Is the Start of Something Great!

It has been over a year since the last episode of We Need To Talk was recorded, and Kyle is finally dusting off the old microphone, because it’s time to start talking again! In this first episode of 2019, Kyle starts off by recounting his adventures in the year 2018 and finishes with his hope for the future. It is time to start living the lives we all dream of, right now, in this moment. There is no need to wait anymore. And what better way to do that than with your tribe. The listeners of this podcast have been Kyle’s tribe and he wants to share the journey with the people who have been there from the beginning! So, listen, continue the conversation on social media, and, together, let’s make 2019 a year for the history books!

Episode 5: Guest Mandy Shunnarah, Life in Trump's America, Southern Idioms, and How She Found Her Best Friend

Kyle sits down with the best friend of his partner, Mandy Shunnarah. She is a book blogger and writer from Columbus, OH who runs the very successful book blog OffTheBeatenShelf.com. She is a Southern girl with a salty vocabulary and an opinion to match. Feminist is the hat she wears on a daily basis and her curiosity for life endears her to even the harshest of critics. She and Kyle discuss Trump's America, growing up in the south, Southern idioms, and how she met Kyle's partner, Ethan, nearly a quarter of a century ago. 

Episode 4: Chloé, Kesha, Shania Twain vs. Celine Dion, Pam Tillis, Anastasia, and Asian History

On this episode, Kyle sits down with his best gal pal in NYC, Chloé Fulton. They talk about their entirely different taste in art, which leads to another standoff between the besties over who is better, Celine Dion or Shania Twain. Kyle introduces Chloé to the music of his childhood and Chloé tells us how she really feels about Asian History. 

Episode 3B: Kyle's Friends Are Funny - Emily Ellis Recorded Sept. 2015

In 2016 Kyle launched his first podcast series called Kyle's Friends Are Funny. Self-Admittedly, it was an experiment of trial & error as Kyle explores the world of podcasting. Ultimately the show ended. The episodes are gone but not forgotten. In this bonus episode, Kyle takes you back to Kyle's Friends Are Funny and gives you another great story of crazy neighbors, pet peeves, and a total hatred of Taylor Swift.

Episode 3: Gainful Unemployment, Mail Thieves, Kyle Becomes an Investor & Emily Ellis

In this episode, Kyle sits down with his friend, Emily Ellis. She and Kyle worked together in the heart of Times Square and they are very happy to talk about being finished with working in the armpit of Midtown and they have plenty to say about it. Kyle talks about his experiences of investing his 401K into an IRA and how happy he is that he went to Patrick Towne for help. Every time Kyle sees Emily she has another crazy story about the cast of characters that live in and around her building.

Episode 2: The Bachelorette, Revivals & Reboots, and Chloé Fulton

In this episode, Kyle is joined by his friend Chloé Fulton. Kyle and Chloé met while performing improv together in New York City. Today, they are sharing their mutual love for television. Kyle has never seen any show from the "Bachelor" franchise and he is starting with Rachel, the first African American Bachelor/Bachelorette searching for love. Chloé, a seasoned obsessor of all things Bachelor Nation, is going to help Kyle work out the quagmire of information that comes with the firsts episode of a season. Later on, they talk reboots and revivals and a friendly wager is made on the heads of Hollywood Legends.

Episode 1: Welcome! Survivor, Sesame Street & Sarah Cooper

Welcome to the very first episode of We Need To Talk with Kyle Leon Henderson. In this episode, Kyle introduces himself and sits down with his very best friend of almost a decade, Sarah Cooper. Together they reveal a little about him, a little about her, and a lot of the magic behind this dynamic friendship. Together, they do what they always do. They talk about everything, going on more tangents than what seems necessary.