Episode 5: Guest Mandy Shunnarah, Life in Trump's America, Southern Idioms, and How She Found Her Best Friend

Kyle sits down with the best friend of his partner, Mandy Shunnarah. She is a book blogger and writer from Columbus, OH who runs the very successful book blog OffTheBeatenShelf.com. She is a Southern girl with a salty vocabulary and an opinion to match. Feminist is the hat she wears on a daily basis and her curiosity for life endears her to even the harshest of critics. She and Kyle discuss Trump's America, growing up in the south, Southern idioms, and how she met Kyle's partner, Ethan, nearly a quarter of a century ago. 

Episode 4: Chloé, Kesha, Shania Twain vs. Celine Dion, Pam Tillis, Anastasia, and Asian History

On this episode, Kyle sits down with his best gal pal in NYC, Chloé Fulton. They talk about their entirely different taste in art, which leads to another standoff between the besties over who is better, Celine Dion or Shania Twain. Kyle introduces Chloé to the music of his childhood and Chloé tells us how she really feels about Asian History. 

Episode 2: The Bachelorette, Revivals & Reboots, and Chloé Fulton

In this episode, Kyle is joined by his friend Chloé Fulton. Kyle and Chloé met while performing improv together in New York City. Today, they are sharing their mutual love for television. Kyle has never seen any show from the "Bachelor" franchise and he is starting with Rachel, the first African American Bachelor/Bachelorette searching for love. Chloé, a seasoned obsessor of all things Bachelor Nation, is going to help Kyle work out the quagmire of information that comes with the firsts episode of a season. Later on, they talk reboots and revivals and a friendly wager is made on the heads of Hollywood Legends.